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holding hands around globeeyessee charity will be merging with The Impact Foundation as of 1st April 2019.  To make a donation please  go to the Impact Foundation website and use "eyessee" as the reference:


Globally there are 286 million people who are visually impaired according to the 2010 WHO statistics.  Out of which 39 million are blind and 247 million have low vision.  Up to 80% of those who are visually impaired have treatable or preventable blindness.  Refractive errors constitutes 43% and this can easily be treated with simple glasses.  Cataract counts for 33% followed by many others.

eyessee is a registered charity number 1103057and a company limited by guarantee number 4247829

The name of the charity depicts a path towards treating eyes.  But it is also a watchful eye towards other other disease and health care provision.

The charity's work is for the poor in underprivileged countries and is committed to:

  • provide multidiciplinary medical aid & relief
  • set up sustainable healthcare systems
  • provide education and training
  • promote prevention of disease
  • collaborate in research and data collection

woman patient

If all the affected people are to hold hands, they would go around the world four times
Most forms of blindness can be avoided, treated or cured with inexpensive measures
Refractive errors




Diabetic eye disease

Childhood blindness

Eyelid conditions


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