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How do we achieve this?

eyessee regularly sets up eye camps in underprivileged countriesoperating theatre

  • our doctors and nurses donate their own time
  • surgical and medical treatments are offered
  • specialist equipment is taken to treat children
  • local health workers are trained
  • data is collected and analysed
Each country presents its own unique challenges and the programme for each eye camp is determined by local needs.

We also contribute vital medical equipment and supplies to charitable clinics in underprivileged countries.

  • we pride ourselves in that most of the money donated goes towards the provision andmedical supplies delivery of healthcare
  • daily administration costs are met by the volunteer trustees
  • air fairs are met by the volunteers or recovered by sponsorships
  • the main expense is related to tax submission and insurance

Fund Raising & Supplies

We receive most of our medical equipment and supplies through donations from various local & national hospitals, health centres, pharmaceutical companies and individual practitioners.  Any shortfall is then purchased directly.

We are active in collecting surplus medical equipment & supplies from various hospitals.  They are then serviced and sent abroad to various charity health centres.
School Fete
Funds are raised mainly through
  • Annual Cycle Ride
  • School Fetes
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Personal Donations
  • Corporate Donations

We are also grateful to our collaborating airlines who give us excess weight allowances to carry the supplies with volunteer doctors and nurses.
lions clubsrotary internationalthai airlinessingapore airlinesalcon Bausch & Lomb
Altomed     Beaver visitec         

Our volunteer doctors and nurses give up their own annual leave and pay their own airfare
A large part of our work is teaching and training of local healthcare workers
No employees
No rent
No rate
No utility bills
No stamps
No stationary

Almost all the funds raised go towards the provision of healthcare to the poor in under privileged countries

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